PlexDocManager is a solution for document management. Powered by K-Plex XML Document Production Technology, PlexDocManager helps you process, share, and manage all your documents  government law and regulations, policy and procedure manuals, job postings, reports, employee directories and more on your intranet or website. Using PlexDocManager, you will be able to control your document-editing history (i.e., revision, document number, content before and after editing, effective date, and revision cancellation) and get views or actual documents that describe the difference between each of your revisions through comparative table, new style page, or revision descriptions. From within PlexDocManager, you can keep using a familiar MS-Word environment to retrieve and edit XML documents, automatically record the editing history, and dynamically load changing views of text, graphics, and tables as updated anytime in the original data sources. PlexDocManager also allows you to import, convert, and merge external documents of different formats. You can export your documents to PDF and HTML as easy as saving a file and customize your documents using drag & drop by a mouse click. PlexDocManager was initially designed to help enhance legal document management for Japan local governments. Our latest release of PlexDocManager ensures that this solution may well apply to a broad range of e-business services in just about any industry: banking, insurance, manufacturing, service, retail, and government, energy, utilities and more.

Solution Scenarios

As the Internet has changed the way of sharing information vital to making decisions, developing products, and staying connected, most businesses have turned to the Web as a means of gaining instantaneous access and control of knowledge assets. Despite technology advances, however, the gap between digital and hardcopy worlds continue to create major bottlenecks and delays. The PlexDocManager builds XML-based process improvements into each phase of the document lifecycle  from capturing, editing, storage, indexing, distribution, and sharing, to managing information. Lets take a look at the following case study:

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Legal Document Management

Overview : Local governments in Japan have established a huge amount of Bylaws. They need to manage the Bylaws and any amendments thereto and publish the latest version to the public. Bylaw editors are responsible for the consistency between the content of an article and the corresponding amendment or the comparative table. Sometimes, they need to edit the document in a sharing mode and review it in a conference mode. Also, they need to publish the final document as soon as possible if the decision is made at the local assembly. On the effective date, they also need to change the Bylaw status correctly. Presently, Japan local governments are involved in building up the IT infrastructure for E-Japan Campaign, which leads to an increasing demand for migrating their current legal document management system onto this new infrastructure.

Challenge: Managing document changes (editing history) in real time, dynamically capturing views or documents on each individual demand and presenting a familiar word- processing environment for editing, converting and distributing complicated XML documents online.

Solution : XML schema designed according to the regulations of the Bylaws and implemented as an object mode facilitates the management of document changes and helps dynamically apply views to the mode to meet individual requirements. Integrated klips (visual objects) by wrapping up the legacy applications (i.e., MS-Word and shareware) provides users with a desktop feel and look but highly customizable and intuitive online environment for editing and sharing XML documents.

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