PlexConference is a solution for online meetings and collaboration. Powered by K-Plex Collaboration Technology, PlexConference provides you with a highly productive and cost-effective way to conduct conferences and business events in distance. Using PlexConference, you will be able to enjoy face-to-face viewing in a highly interactive, visual environment, a real-time conversation with others through voice over IP, instant message chatting, online content sharing of multi-media files, objects and applications, and operational collaboration with others in real time. In packaging, PlexConference falls into a client/server mode and includes five major components: video, audio, text, klip, and application sharing. PlexConference was initially designed for corporative uses in an intranet environment, but it is fully workable over the Internet by requiring a specified TCP port open at the firewall for getting the TCP package to the conference server (conference host system). Our upcoming release of PlexConference is an http firewall friendly and multi-tire web services approach.

Solution Scenarios

Whether you are a service provider, an enterprise-size company, or a small business, if you need a solution for network marketing, distance training, collaborative selling, online trading & financial services, enterprise meetings, or real-time music sharing over the Internet, PlexConference can always be your idea choice with its highly productive yet low-cost operation. Let's take a look at the following scenario:

Distance Learning

Overview: A government agency headquartered in Washington DC has the need to impart orientation training to new comers in its branch offices nationwide and refresher training to existing employees because their activities are multidimensional and their employees needed to be trained and updated in various skills related to their job.

Challenge: delivering training though integrated voice, data and web conferencing with a great degree of flexibility and convenience for both trainees and trainers and bringing a high return on investment through their corporate-wide intranet.

Solution : The conference server and client that enable hosting and attending interactive lectures, sharing documents, accessing indexed post-conference recordings and restarting a meeting just from where it stopped last time, brining others into the conversation on a need-to-know basis, reaching conference participants easily anytime, using a point-to-point or a multi-point, on demand connection.

 K-Plex offers User-Oriented solutions for:

  • Application And Data Integration
  • XML Document Lifecycle Management
  • Active Documents
  • Portal Development And Web Services
  • Online Meeting And Collaboration


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