PlexBridge is a solution for legacy applications wrapping and data integration. Powered by K-Plex Klip Wrapping and Table Unification Technology, PlexBridge enables you to more rapidly integrate new operation support elements with legacy applications and leverages your existing information systems and data sources for a significant economic return. Using PlexBridge, you can easily capture and execute an existing application residing on your desktop, network, or on the Internet through your web browser without requiring a line of custom coding, reuse business functionalities from within your legacy applications in the form of XML, or .NET components, quickly retrieve, update, and unify data from your local or an external database provided by just any RDBMS vendors (i.e., Oracle, DB2, MS Access and SQL Server, and Sybase and more), easily analyze, display, share, and distribute data just through operating chart-enabled klips and personalized dashboards that carry high-level analytic and visualization capability to support your business intelligence process.

Solution Scenarios

Whether you are in IT, Sales, Finance, Marketing or Customer Service, you need to have real-time access to your data and information. The PlexBridge solves a broad spectrum of data integration problems that plague business professionals in virtually any industry - from financial services, to manufacturing or government and more. Let's take a look at the following scenario:

Bank Business Portal:

Overview : A large bank has multiple divisions with different business applications and data systems. It needs accurately collect and store customer account information and provide customer access to this information over the Internet. In other words, the bank requires information to be delivered from disparate systems to internal users and customers in real time.

Challenge: Generating time-sensitive financial information from different data sources and legacy systems and presenting a unified yet customizable view of the customer's total financial portfolio by allowing execute all existing business logic and functionalities.

Solution : Data integration that brings together all aspects of the customer's account and presents the information via a secured portal on PlexBridge. The data visualization and customization are enabled by chart klip and personalized dashboard. Legacy applications integration is done through klip wrapping that requires only minimum work using PlexWare SDK.

 K-Plex offers User-Oriented solutions for:

  • Application And Data Integration
  • XML Document Lifecycle Management
  • Active Documents
  • Portal Development And Web Services
  • Online Meeting And Collaboration


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