PlexActiveDocument is a solution for active documents. Powered by K-Plex Web Content Clipping Technology and the embedded data query klip, PlexActiveDocument provides you with a familiar word processing enviornment for creating active documents. Using PlexActiveDocument, you can easily compose an active document through importing the built-in modular document elements, i.e., active document body, real-time data, text, tables, and graphics, etc. The real-time data can be residing on an active Web site, a legacy database system, or inside another active document. The Web content importing can be done easily through drag & drop at a click. Within PlexActiveDocument, each document element is associated to a special rendering klip that creates the visual representation of the element. The power of klips goes beyond simple visualization of documents, since they can associate a behavior to documents and, therefore, change the rendering of the document into one of the possible behaviors activated upon it. Due to that, PlexActiveDocument enables your document to provide certain active behavior: the same document may be displayed, printed, searched, tailored, reproduced, or just 'activated' for data visualization, synchronization, recalculation, and updating. PlexActiveDocument has four basic features:

Live data connection -PlexActiveDocument supports real-time connection to external data residing on active Web sites, legacy systems or inside other active documents.

Content Clipping -PlexActiveDocument allows pasting the copied content from an existing active document to another active document while keeping the copy part connected to the original body so that data consistency can be exercised.

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Document reuse -PlexActiveDocument supports reusing the document parts for multiple purposes.

Printer friendly -PlexActiveDocument is compatible with conventional document scheme by supporting the user's control in making the self-preferred snapshot or customer-required publications.

Solution Scenarios:

PlexActiveDocument can be used for applications as simple as signature cards or as complex as integrating documents from many departments across the enterprise. The following scenario illustrates how PlexActiveDocument can be used for generating real-time financial reports.

Financial Portfolio

Overview : Financial planners need to generate customizable reports online for their customers that include the up-to-date numbers, tables, charts, as well as a summary of analysis indicating the performance of each customer portfolio and, if required, their projection and recommendation for the portfolio. Each report is expected to be easily understood and customizable through simple operations (i.e., cut & paste and drag & drop).

Challenge: Capturing real-time data from all related data sources whenever a user opens the document and allowing the user to produce a new document from the existing one through content copying while data consistency between the two can be retained.

Solution : Web content clipping module that enables drag & drop in reproducing and customizing the selected page content and synchronizes data for the reused documents in active status. Data consistency with legacy systems is implimented thorough quesy klip and PlexService.

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