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Starter Kit is an entry level to applying K-Plex technology. It is a Klip Programming Environment (KPE) consisting of a set of 60+ basic PlexKlips and some application programming documents. It turns the PlexWare end user platform into a rapid development environment for power user, administrator, or application programmer to personalize, customize, and create PlexWare application. Power user, administrator, and application programmer can create, delete, move, resize, change color/font, slot value, and connection of any existing PlexKlip without writing any programming code.

  • What is PlexKlip? -PlexKlip is a special "Model-View Controller (MVC)"ActiveX dll. It is the building block of the PlexWare Application. Each PlexKlip contains its data and has a special function to handle a specified task. PlexKlip has slots to expose its data or its method. PlexKlips are grouped together into Parent and Child relationship and can be connected through their slots for data and event communication between each other.

    Starter Kit includes the following basic PlexKlip Sets:

  • 17 GUI Klips : Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, Label, String, etc.
  • 13 Window Klips : Icon, Window, Title Bar, Scoller, etc.
  • 6 Desktop Klips : Desktop, Folder, Waste Basket, etc.
  • 5 Data Conversion Klips : CSV to XHTML, Table, String Concatenater, etc.
  • 4 Chart Klips : Basic, Multi, Pie, and Stack Chart.
  • 4 PlexService DB Access Klips : SQL Query, Statement, Condition, and Active Query.
  • Grid Klips : Grid, HighLight Grid, Light Grid, and Table.
  • Misc Klips : Broadcaster, IE View, Application Snatcher, Calendar, Timer, etc..

These Klips are good for a beginner to build a sample PlexWare application without writing any programming code. For those who are serious with our technology and would like to develop complicated applications, our Developer Kit is the ideal package. Click here to check it out.


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