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Integration, Web Content and Online Meeting...

K-Plex not only provides its high-performance SDK to help developers to accelerate their application development at lower cost with less risk, our I-Pad client software (PlexWare) and Web Services software (PlexService) also have integration build-in. The combination of the PlexWare and PlexSerivce software gives new dimension to integration, web content, and data sharing.

  • Integration - Our PlexWare technology not only integrates the legacy applications, office applications, and web content, it also can be integrated inside these applications and content. With our Starter Kit (KPE), integration is just a click away.

  • Web Content - Most of the existing web contents are dynamic. However, they become static content once they are pasted into a desktop document. PlexWare technology can keep content alive. We can dissect the web page down to element level, dynamically turn it into a Klip, and keep the content alive. For the developer who is seriously into our technology, our Developer Kit (SDK) gives the power to build Klips and extend the PlexService back-end software. For a complete control environment, our Enterprise Suite is the ultimate package. It packs the Developer Kit and the PlexService software together.

  • On-Line Meeting - In today's world of tight budgets and heightened security, on-site meetings are difficult, and travel is a hassle. On-line meeting is the best option. While WebEx is one solution, it can still cost a significant amount. Our on-line meeting solution, PlexConference, not only solves that problem for you, we take it to the new level. For more information, go to our solutions page.


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