Want Web Services? Get PlexService!

PlexService is web services middleware software. It is the K-Plex application server that provides XML-based data transmission over the Web to the legacy databases (i.e., SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and Sybase) with bi-directional access and two-phase commit method. A query over the Internet for Select, Insert, Update, and Delete is just a click away. PlexService makes data integration a reality. User and Developer can create the query that unifies data between compatible and incompatible databases

OLE DB and XML are the low level infrastructure of PlexService. PlexService uses OLE DB to communicate with the back-end databases. It converts the end user XML Web Services query request to standard SQL queries and submits them to the back-end database servers. The results received from the database servers will be unified and transformed to XML structure before being sent back to the end user. Please contact K-Plex Sales Department at sales@kplex.com to see our live software demonstration.


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PlexService Unification Example
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