The Complete Software Solution.

Enterprise Suite is the complete software solution. It comes with K-Plex Developer Kit and a copy of PlexService software. With this package, the developer has the power to develop any PlexWare application software including Enterprise Integration Portal and has total control of K-Plex core technology software. For information on Developer Kit, visit our Developer Kit product page. For information on PlexService software, jump to our PlexService product page. For pricing, contact our sales deparment at sales@kplex.com

K-Plex software platform includes:

  • PlexWare: a graphically-oriented WebTop environment that supercharges the power of browser technology to get work done.
  • PlexService: a set of distributed XML-based services that provide a unified data interface for integrating, managing, sharing and deploying K-Plex applications and application components.
  • SDK:software development tools and support services to help developers take full advantage of K-Plex technology.

 K-Plex offers User-Oriented solutions for:

  • Application And Data Integration
  • XML Document Lifecycle Management
  • Active Documents
  • Portal Development And Web Services
  • Online Meeting And Collaboration


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