Development Kit

Development Kit


  • What Is In The Development Kit? -Development Kit includes the front-end PlexWare SDK and back-end PlexService SDK. The front-end PlexWare SDK includes the Starter Kit (KPE), PlexKlip development wizards, development tools, and SDK documents. PlexService SDK provides testing tools and SDK documents. Developer uses the Developer Kit to build new PlexKlips. The Klip can be as simple as a function to add two numbers or as complicated as a legacy application wrapper.

  • What Are The Development Wizards? - There are two sets of wizards packaged in the PlexWare SDK. The Visual Basic wizard set is a Visual Basic 6.0 add-ins. It has the PlexKlip Wizard and PlexKlip Slot Add-In. The PlexKlip Wizard adds the skeleton PlexKlip code to the standard VB ActiveX dll project to make it an empty PlexKlip. The PlexKlip Slot Add-In helps extend the Slot of the existing project. The second set of wizard is the Visual C++ wizard. This wizard is similar to Visual Basic 6.0 wizard. Instead of adding the VB skeleton code to the VB ActiveX, it adds the VC++ skeleton code to the VC++ project.

  • What Are The Development Tools? - The development tools are new to PlexWare 1.6 release. These tools are also PlexWare application. They are for PlexWare application development and deployment.

  • What Test Tools Comes With PlexService SDK? - There are 10 Test Tools in the PlexService SDK. These Test Tools expose the Web Services XML communication layer between PlexServer and its client. It is a useful tool for PlexWare application development.

  • What Else Is In the PlexService SDK? - Beside the Test Tools, the PlexService SDK also includes their source code, two sample transformers and their source code, PlexService Development Guide.

  • Can Developer Use The Developer Kit To Develop PlexWare Application?

    Yes, the Developer Kit is sufficient for developing most PlexWare Application. However, if developer would like to take advantage of dynamic downloading or PlexServer web services database access, PlexService software is required. This software is also bundled with K-Plex Enterprise Suite Package. Click here to check it out.

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