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Kazushige Oikawa - President and CEO, CFO
The visionary driving K-Plex, Kaz is experienced in bringing new business concepts to reality. At Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd., he pioneered the R&D efforts for award-winning software products for document management, distributed-document services and knowledge management. His technology leadership then expanded to encompass major operational and customer delivery responsibilities as General Manager of the Fuji Xerox Engineering Systems Division. And as a Fuji Xerox Executive Fellow for Corporate Strategy, Kaz built research, development and distribution partnerships with technology leaders around the world. The author of several books on object-oriented software development, Kaz also serves as Director of the Intelligent Pad Visual Object Interaction System Architecture Consortium.

Ken Jenkins - Director
Ken is expert at setting technology start-ups on strong financial footing. Before joining K-Plex, he held General Management positions at Xerox Corp. and General Electric Co., managing start-up organizations in emerging markets for engineering document services, electronic design automation and process automation. While at GE, he played key financial roles in mergers and acquisition of technology companies. He also worked as a financial consultant to start-up operating units and led technology assessment teams for acquisition of business-critical intellectual property.

Eiji Kuroda - Director and COO
Eiji is expert at Marketing and Business strategy on strong IT-service business experience Before joining K-Plex, he held General Manager at KonicaMinolta Inc. Planning Dept. While at KonicaMinolta, he started up IT-Service business, Home-page management service and Database Marketing service as a CEO KonicaMinolta Bizcom.

Yuzuru Tanaka - Business and Technology Adviser
National Hokkaido University, Director of Meme (Knowledge Media Laboratory) Yuzuru is one of the world's foremost experts in synthetic media systems. A professor of electrical engineering at Japan's Hokkaido University, he was instrumental in developing the IntelligentPad technology on which K-Plex visual programming technology is based. Yuzuru has published and spoken widely on the subject of synthetic dynamic media systems. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Tokyo. Recently, IEEE Press published his book Meme Media and Meme Market Architectures. It is available at Amazon.com.




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