Intelligent Pad


"IntelligentPad unifies all objects on calculators as visible objects with metaphor of paper. This object is called "Pad". Users can define a new media by combining, pasting-in or pasting-out Pads freely. IntelligentPad also achieves the following functions;

Operationally is unified when Pads are combined to build a new Pad and when the built Pad is used. Part or all of Existing Pad can be copied freely and its functions can be used again.

All Pads keep holding the contents until users delete them and play a role as a communicator of Information. In IntelligentPad System, users can define "Pad", that is a media object with desired functions by moving Pads on their screen with their mouse to paste in or out and copy freely and by combining each other's functions.

One Pad with a single function (no function is combined) is called PrimitivePad, while a pad combined with some other Pads (its functions are combined) are called Combined Pad. Combined Pad is created by pasting in PrimitivePad and/or existing Combined Pad. Combined Pad can be handled in the same way as PrimitivePad. Combined Pad can be divided into each Pad and edited to build new Pads.

It is also considered as a Component Ware because Application can be developed if you make each function object a part on a media of Pad and combine these Pads.

Each PrimitivePad is configured based on "Model-View-Controller (MVC) Model". MVC Model in IntelligentPad is configured as in the chart. In IntelligentPad, Model part (M) holds its internal condition. View part (V) is in charge of displays depending on conditions of Model. Controller part (C) receives and processes operations from users. Each Pad achieves this MVC Model in a simplified mechanism. In addition, View is also in charge of giving and receiving Data between Pads, which is necessary to combine Media's functions. Message is exchanged between each object as in the chart. In IntelligentPad, the smallest unit users can handle is not each object of MVC but PrimitivePad that is defined to unify with MVC. Users do not have to learn an internal structure of Primitive Pad to combine Pads.

In IntelligentPad, Pad must be able to be combined freely with Pads with any type of function. For this reason, Interface between Pads is unified. An internal procedure opened to other Pads by PrimitivePad is displayed as a Slot. Only Slot can be seen as an internal condition of the Pad from outside Pad. All Pads have more than one Slot and a slot of <#slotname> has a writing procedure of Proc <slotname>, set, and a reading procedure of Proc, get. These procedures are called "Slot Access Method". Slot is held in Model. Model of each PrimitivePad is defined by defining what kind of Slot is held and what Slot Access Method of each Slot is.

View accesses Slot of Model by sending set message. This is displayed in set. is a name of Slot. is a value written in a Slot. When receiving this set message, Model invokes Proc, set, corresponding to using as an argument. When this set message is implemented and a condition of Slot is changed, Model sends an update message to View and requests an update of display. View updates its own display and makes Update Propagation to other Pads. View that has received the update message retrieves a Slot Value of Model by get message and changes the display. get message is expressed as get and has a Slot name as an Argument. When Model receives get message in , Proc, get is started and its result is a returned value of get."




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